Redox One is a proud spin-off of Tharisa plc, headquartered in Cyprus, with a dedicated engineering office in Germany. Our mission is clear: to accelerate the clean energy transition by delivering safe, reliable, and scalable energy storage solutions to industries, communities, and nations around the world. We are passionate about reshaping the future of energy with our proprietary Iron-Chromium Redox Flow Battery technology.

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At Redox One, we understand the urgency of addressing the global energy crisis. By harnessing the power of mature technology pioneered by NASA in the 1970s, our Redox Flow Batteries have been tested and proven to deliver at a MW level.

We take pride in using some of the most earth-abundant minerals iron and chromium to form a electrolyte that’s safe, stable, and planet-friendly, while keeping the system’s cost significantly lower than alternatives. Our commitment to innovation, backed by our proprietary manufacturing processes and stack designs, sets us apart in the industry.

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We do not walk this path alone. Redox One has secured partnerships with key players like our majority shareholder, Tharisa plc, ensuring multi-generational access to Iron-Chromium. We collaborate with industry giants Chariot Transitional Energy, who serve as our system integration partners.

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Our unique partnerships allow us to manage the entire process, from mine to megawatt and gigawatt-hour. We’re not just delivering safe batteries; we’re powering progress and fostering a sustainable, resilient, and abundant world of clean energy, for a switched on tomorrow.

Our energy storage solutions are safe, reliable, cost-effective and capable of large-scale energy storage. These affordable solutions can be tailored to a variety of use cases, with large scale MW and GW capacity that allow intermittent renewable energy sources to provide power reliably 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round for decades to come.

Through our unwavering commitment to technological innovation and excellence, environmental stewardship, and customer collaboration, we strive to revolutionise the global energy landscape. At Redox One, we believe that together, we can make safe, clean energy universally accessible and abundant, driving progress for generations to come.

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