Our partnerships make us stronger

At Redox One, we firmly believe that partnerships are the cornerstone of progress. Our journey to revolutionise the global energy landscape wouldn't be possible without the incredible network of partnerships we've forged. Here, we invite you to delve into the backdrop of our collaborative spirit and discover how these alliances are shaping a switched on future.

Tharisa plc: A Wellspring of Resources

One of the most significant chapters in our story is our close affiliation with Tharisa plc, a major African mining company headquartered in Cyprus. Tharisa plc provides us with something invaluable: a consistent and uninterrupted supply of Iron-Chrome. This partnership ensures that we have the essential resources required to power our batteries for decades to come. With Tharisa plc by our side, we're not just securing our present but also building a sustainable future.

Energy Titans: Chariot Transitional Energy and Total EREN

Powering the world with clean energy demands remarkable allies. That’s why we've joined forces with energy titans, Chariot Transitional Energy and Total EREN. They serve as our primary energy partners, offering their wealth of expertise and resources to bolster our mission. Together, we're advancing the transition to sustainable energy with unmatched zeal. These partnerships underscore our commitment to clean, reliable, and cost-effective energy solutions.

The Wisdom of Industry Experts

In our quest to refine and perfect our Iron-Chrome Redox Flow Battery (Fe-Cr RFB) technology, we have tapped into the wisdom of industry experts. These individuals bring with them a wealth of experience in Fe-Cr RFB development, enriching our process development and problem-solving capabilities. With their guidance, we're pushing the boundaries of what's possible in energy storage.

From Concept to Reality: Demonstrations in South Africa and Zimbabwe

Actions speak louder than words, and our partnerships have already translated into tangible results. We've secured two demonstration customers, one in South Africa and another in Zimbabwe. These partnerships go beyond mere transactions; they exemplify the real-world impact of our technology.

Together with our customers, we're showcasing the power of clean, reliable, and scalable energy storage.

Our background is testament to our commitment to innovation, sustainability, and the power of collaboration. As we continue to grow and evolve, we invite you to be part of this journey too. Make contact with us here to explore how we can join forces to build a switched on future.

What the market needs

GWh capacity

low cost per kWh

decades lifespan

safe operation

What Redox One can deliver

1.8 Mt Redox One has direct access to chromite concentrate

~520 kt Cr

~380 kt Fe

~55 GWh Redox One potential storage supply per annum