Our partnerships make us stronger

Partnerships are the cornerstone of progress. Redox One's journey to revolutionise the global energy landscape would not be possible without the incredible network of partnerships we have forged.


Tharisa is an integrated resource group, critical to the energy transition and decarbonisation of economies. Tharisa incorporates exploration, mining, processing and the beneficiation, marketing, sales, and logistics of PGMs and chrome concentrates, using innovation and technology as enablers.

With a vision to generate value by becoming a globally significant, low cost producer of strategic commodities that are required to deliver a sustainable future, Tharisa is developing a 40 MW solar project adjacent to its flagship Tharisa Mine. Redox One is utilising the commodities mined in the development of its proprietary Iron-Chromium Redox Flow Battery.

Tharisa Mine image


Founded in 1979, MetQ has become one of the market leaders in processes relying on particle sizing and gravity concentration of various minerals. Products are designed and manufactured in-house with continuous development and improvement of these products to ensure delivery of the best solutions to their customers.

MetQ has been chosen as our industrialisation partner to scale-up our proprietary electrolyte production process to be as sustainable and cost-effective as possible.

Metq workshop

FBE – Flow Batteries Europe

Flow Batteries Europe (FBE) represents flow battery stakeholders with a united voice to shape a long-term strategy for the flow battery sector. They help shape the legal framework for flow batteries at the EU level, contribute to the EU decision-making process, as well as help define R&D priorities. Flow Batteries Europe is working to create and reinforce networks between key stakeholders in the flow battery industry. Their vision is to accelerate decarbonisation in Europe and beyond by increasing the deployment of energy storage and flexibility solutions through flow battery applications.

Redox One is one of the leading members of FBE with our CEO serving on the executive board, our VP of Business Development serving on the Business Development Committee and our Head of Systems serving on the Technical Committee.

IRENA – International Renewable Energy Agency

The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) is a lead global intergovernmental agency for energy transformation that serves as the principal platform for international cooperation, supports countries in their energy transitions, and provides state of the art data and analyses on technology, innovation, policy, finance and investment. IRENA drives the widespread adoption and sustainable use of all forms of renewable energy, including bioenergy, geothermal, hydropower, ocean, solar and wind energy in the pursuit of sustainable development, energy access, and energy security, for economic and social resilience and prosperity and a climate-proof future.

IRENA's membership comprises 168 countries and the EU. Together, they decide on the Agency's strategic direction and programmatic activities, in line with the global energy discourse and priorities to accelerate the deployment of renewables-based energy transitions worldwide.

Redox One is a proud member of the Alliance for Industry Decarbonisation (AFID) working group within IRENA collaborating on to leverage our energy storage solutions to accelerate industrial decarbonisation efforts worldwide.