Meet the Leadership Team

Our leadership team, with over 75 years of combined experience in flow batteries and energy storage technologies, is poised to make Redox One a success in commercialising Iron-Chromium flow batteries as the most sustainable energy storage solution.

With a proven track record in product development, large-scale project management, and strategic business growth, our leaders are dedicated to advancing innovative and sustainable energy solutions.

Thomas is a highly successful an entrepreneurial executive with international experience in developing and implementing growth strategies for tech companies, particularly in the energy storage sector. With a deep understanding of the battery industry and expertise in battery technologies and products for electric vehicles and stationary applications, his professional journey spans various leadership roles, including start-up Co-Founder, CEO, CFO and venture capital investor. He has worked extensively in Europe, the United States, and Asia.

Thomas has a wealth of operational and transactional experience encompassing equity, debt and grant funding as well as sell-side and buy-side mergers and acquisitions. One of his most notable successes was the exit of flow-battery company Volterion, where he served as a Co-Founder and Co-CEO.

Daniel is a seasoned energy storage professional with over 10 years of experience in the fuel cell and flow-battery industries. With a strong background in product development, commercialisation, and project management, Daniel has a proven track record in developing new flow-battery products and managing large-scale energy storage installations for utilities and commercial applications.

Tobias is an accomplished R&D expert with a wealth of experience in developing electroanalytical techniques for aqueous flow-battery electrolytes. With a strong background in chemical engineering and electrochemistry he has been a driving force behind the development and testing of flow-battery stacks and stack components. Tobias' contributions to the field of electrochemistry are evidenced by several peer-reviewed articles.

Jake Iverson is a seasoned business development executive, with over 15 year's experience in the aerospace, electric vehicle (EV), and battery sectors. As our Vice President of Business Development, he brings a wealth of knowledge and innovation to the team. With a remarkable track record, including driving 14-fold revenue growth, Jake stands as a trailblazer in his field. His unwavering commitment to clean and affordable energy ignites his passion and dedication.

Prior to Redox One, he orchestrated sales, spearheaded business development, and engineered multiple success stories while forging invaluable customer relationships. He led teams to deliver pioneering solutions at Northrup Grumman, DZYNE Technologies, and Karma Automotive. Jake's technical prowess and driven leadership make him a perfect fit at Redox One, where he steers our journey towards a more sustainable energy future.

Sebastian Matzdorff, a seasoned veteran in Manufacturing Process and Product Engineering, has forged a distinguished career marked by success in the semiconductor and battery sectors. Notable highlights include his leadership roles at Elmos, Innolume, Temicon, ReVolt Technology Group, and VoltaVision. Throughout his tenure, he has led production teams, optimised processes, and ensured quality standards. Additionally, his expertise extends to managing complex laser systems and overseeing the manufacturing of precision tools tailored for various applications in health, bio, and optics. Matzdorff's invaluable contributions continue to propel innovation and excellence at Redox One.

Andreas Holtmann is a distinguished operations management expert and a veteran of high‑volume manufacturing, boasting a remarkable career spanning over 25 year's. His specialties include startups and operations within the semiconductor and flow battery industries. Andreas is dedicated to production innovation, quality assurance, equipment procurement (CAPEX specification), lean manufacturing, and seamless product integration from development to production.

During his 14-year tenure in manufacturing engineering at prominent semiconductor and photonics firms, TE Connectivity and Innolume, Andreas honed his expertise in vacuum deposition, etching, sensors, GaAs laser diodes, frontend engineering, and quality assurance. During his eight years at TE Sensor Solutions, he served as the Manager of Manufacturing and Process Development Engineering. In addition to leading his a dedicated technical team he also supervised capital expenditures and managed a variety of projects

As an Operations Manager at Volterion, Andreas expertly oversaw Vanadium flow battery manufacturing, championing standardisation, efficient production, and quality integration across multiple sites. His multifaceted skillset is further enriched by his certification as a Systemic Coach, adding a unique dimension to his operational prowess, and to the broader team at Redox One.