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Affordable, scalable energy storage solutions that allow intermittent renewable energy sources to provide 24/7 power reliably.

about Why Redox Flow batteries?

With major decarbonising efforts to remove thermal electric power generation and scale up renewable energies, the widespread adoption of energy storage continues to be described as the key game changer for electricity systems. Affordable storage systems are a critical missing link between intermittent renewable power and a 24/7 reliability net-zero carbon scenario.

Increased focus on renewable energy has presented a need for long-duration energy storage in the market. As part of the integrated Tharisa resource group, Redox One is positioned to provide a safe solution, capable of decades of reliable performance, at a significantly lower cost than incumbent technologies. Iron chrome redox flow batteries uniquely demonstrate this potential.

Our Technology What is Redox?

Redox One development process

Proven technology

  • Iron-Chrome Redox Flow Batteries (Fe-Cr RFB) were originally developed by Larry Thaller at NASA in the 1970's
  • Purchased the IP, formulations, data and know how from Deeya/Imergy and EnerVault
  • Both had previously demonstrated the feasibility of Fe-Cr RFBs
  • Large number of small Deeya systems operating at cell tower diesel backup sites
  • 1 MWh EnerVault Turlock successfully completing a 2014 US Department of Energy demonstration
  • Development of our process has been augmented by industry experts with Fe-Cr RFB development experience
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Redox One has a unique development process for producing a low-cost electrolyte directly:

With the significant expansion of renewable energy via solar and wind, cost-effective storage of such energy on demand remains a constraint for many industries while a large gap remains in longer duration systems (+4 hours).

The opportunity in the flow battery industry for low-cost electrolyte is proven to be the safest, most reliable, large-scale energy storage option.

Market requirements

GWh capacity

low cost per kWh

decades lifespan

safe operation

Redox One potential

1.8 Mt Redox One has direct access to chromite concentrate

~520 kt Cr

~380 kt Fe

~55 GWh Redox One potential storage supply per annum

Why Chrome?


  • Safe, reliable, cost-effective, large-scale energy storage
  • The cost of electrolyte can be substantially reduced by Redox One's new novel approach
  • There are new opportunities emerging for large scale application of flow battery technology
  • Demonstration of producing electrolyte
  • Direct access to chromite reserves
  • The abundance of ore reserves supports a stable supply of electrolyte for decades to come
  • Removes artificial peaks in supply/demand and cost volatility found in some flow battery electrolytes

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