Redox one - a “mine-to-megawatt” solution officially launched

Tharisa is pleased to announce the official launch of its Redox One ( business in Cape Town, South Africa, coinciding with the African Energy Indaba. Redox One is at the forefront of developing long-term energy storage solutions needed by the world, using proprietary proven technology developed over decades, including by NASA in the 1960’s, to deliver a ‘Mine-to-Megawatt’ solution at a fraction of the cost of competing technologies. 

At Tharisa, innovation has always been a critical element of the business model and with Redox One, the Company has developed technology through further beneficiating its chrome produced from its flagship Tharisa Mine. Redox One has a unique process for producing low-cost electrolyte directly for its flow battery technology. Chrome as the key ingredient means the electrolyte is safe, stable, and environmentally friendly. 

With direct access to cost-effective and nearly unlimited raw materials through the partnership between Tharisa and Redox One, the company has a stable supply of electrolyte for decades to come. With an experienced energy storage management team now firmly in place, Redox One has a fast-track development timeline, with demonstration batteries already in operation.

Attending the launch, Phoevos Pouroulis, CEO of Tharisa, commented: “In our desire to enrich lives through innovating the resources company of the future, driven by innovation and our aspiration to extract maximum benefit out of the resources that we mine, the Redox One opportunity is a natural fit for Tharisa, not only utilising our own commodity for further beneficiation opportunities but working in tandem to find a solution for the world’s energy storage needs, in a safe, and affordable manner. The team we have assembled, the technology and IP that we have developed and the partnership approach Redox One is taking will underpin the success of Redox One and I look forward to large scale deployment of this critical energy storage solution, in a market that is poised to explode in value, expected to reach US$3 trillion by 2040.”